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 " With genuine experience we provide professional quality and outstanding services " 
Monterey County's true natural stone restoration & preservation specialists
Carmel, Monterey, Pebble Beach, Santa Cruz, Capitola, Aptos, Hollister, Salinas, Watsonville, Gilroy
Color Enhancing Stone
Lippage Removal

Honing a polished finish

Honing to a polish

We do it right!

Whether  you are seeking to a high gloss, semi-gloss or our exclusive European Honed finish, Turturici Stone Restoration can provide a beautifully restored marble or limestone finish. 
We are stone countertop restoration specialists. Whether you have a granite countertop, marble countertop, limestone countertop or other natural stone countertop, you can rely on us for chip and crack repairs, cleaning, sealing, honing, polishing, resurfacing and refinishing.
Marble Chip & Crack Repairs
Marble Chip & Crack Repairs
Marble Grout Restoration
Marble Grout Restoration
Marble Maintenance
Marble Maintenance

Have a chip, crack or broken tile? Before you replace it, consider having Turturici Stone Restoration repair your tile in place. Turturici Stone Restoration can blend your repair back into the tile, and polish it back to match the finish on the rest of your marble floor, countertop or other surface. As a natural product, unless you have an extra tile from the original lot installed, even if you purchase the same tile by name from the same quarry, the quarry line has shifted and with that so has the color. What appears to be the same, will likely be noticeably different once installed or laid out on the floor. Have no fear, we can get your marble looking sharp again.

Often overlooked, but a critical part of your marble or limestone floor or wall construction, grout needs to be in good shape before working your stone. Whether your floor originally used sanded or non-sanded grout, Turturici Stone Restoration has techniques to clean, restore, repair, and regrout and yes Stain as needed to restore a new appearance to your marble or limestone floor or wall.

Need a maintenance plan that will keep your natural stone beautiful all year around. Call us!
Basically, if you are not happy with your stone, or are seeking answers on how to care for your marble and limestone investments you are a call away from answers. Call us at (831) 375-8440 and schedule your customized on-site no obligation estimate


I have used Peter and members of his team for different clients a number of times. They treat marble and stone as if it was a living organism. The care and the attention they put in their work is evident and cannot be duplicated by many others. Their knowledge puts you on the right track. If you care about how your marble or stone looks now and how it will look in the future you can trust Peter's expertise to keep it always looking good.

Edward Chiorazzi
Property Manager

Carmel, CA

I have French limestone floors throughout and hired a company to clean and seal the floors and they did an extremely poor job; however Peter with T.S.R. Completely
restored them to original beautiful finish. We loved his professionalism and quality of his work, which was done by Peter himself.

Shari B
Pebble Beach

Turturici repaired a great big crack in our limestone countertop, grouted, sanded, etc., and everything looks fantastic. They are really skilled, very conscientious--and on top of that, really nice and easy to work with! We would recommend them in a heartbeat, and will definitely call them if we ever need more counter work done. Our 15 year old counters look like new, thank you!

Jennifer J.

Milwaukee, WI

I manage a large estate in Pebble Beach. Peter has done several jobs for my employer, always completely satisfied with the quality of his work. Always on time, neat, clean and totally professional. But what you should know is when we were taking out carpet in the master bath to match the existing marble tile, the tile setter cleaned the existing tile with vinegar, which took the shine and marred the finish. They were going to take the whole floor out and redo it. I showed Peter the floor, he said wait I can fix that. He spent a whole morning of his personal time to restore the floor. And may I add at no charge.. He said that was the least he could for us. So the least I can do is highly recommend peter and his company. Honesty and old fashion work ethic go a long way. 
Catherine Ostberg
Estate Manager

Stone Restoration for Carmel, Monterey, Pebble Peach, Aptos, Soledad, Greenfield, King City, Hollister, Gilroy, Watsonville and Santa Cruz
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